The Bounty Killart, is a collective founded in 2002 by Gualtiero Jacopo Marchioretto, Rocco d’Emilio, Dionigi Biolatti and Marco Orazi, four schoolmates of the Albertina fine arts academy in Turin.

The collective refers to the biggest rebellion of the British Navy “The mutiny of the Bounty” and revisits the conception of historical sculptures in a nihilistic and provocative way.

They aim to use a classical formalism and consider historical sculptures as reference models and sources of everyday chronicles. The Bounty Killart transforms the classical, neoclassical and rococo masterworks by adding contemporary daily objects to be understood as a dada quote. Their works are made of different materials, such as plaster, bronze or aluminum and look like perfect copies of the originals but with obvious differences; smartphones, laptops, giant pills, skulls and even selfies are integrated into sculptures of heroes of the Greco-Roman era. The mix of the digital culture and the beauty of the bodies becomes therefore a paradoxe. That irreverent way of sculpting busts, vases, bas-reliefs and round statues questions western society’s moralism, consumerism and globalization.

Their works were shown in several group exhibitions in Italy and abroad, such as the Milan Triennale Oggi il kitsch curated by Gillo Dorfles (2012), the Biennale Giovani at the School of Fine Arts in Bologna (2014) and at the Beyond the Classical National Academy Museum in New York (2014). They had also various solo exhibitions, such as L’Air ne fait pas la chanson at Tunnel Riva in Monaco (2013), TERRA! i segreti della porcellana at the Palazzo Madama in Turin (2016) and Gli ammutinati del Bounty held at Marcorossi artecontempora in Pietrasanta, Milan, Verona and Turin.