Artion is an International Gallery, based in Geneva, Switzerland, at a historically significant location. The Gallery hosts a dynamic program of museum quality exhibitions, often led by important contemporary thinkers and creative curators.

Our passion for the living history of art, as well as our desire to protect the memory and quality of the Old Masters, in alignment with contemporary trends, result in a dynamic synthesis of the artists we represent; the synergies of their work create orientations, shape opinions and one could argue contribute to the general evolution of the art world, transforming the Commercial Spectrum into Art Historical Context.

Constant Academic Research, being our principal priority, leads to accurate information, paving the way to develop a long term, trusting relationship with the collectors and institutions we interact with.

Simultaneously, we intend to intensify our educational programs for Children, aiming at provoking senses, raising questions and generally contribute to a better understanding and evaluation of the role of art in our everyday life.

Our Modus Operandi is based upon a certain code of values; we consider Art a powerful communication system; it’s a way to share a Vision among a Community and therefore define a Territory; this evolving and dynamic process gives, in turn, birth to Consciousness and Identity!