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Born In Pinerolo, Near Turin, Carla Tolomeo Took Her First Steps In The Art World In Rome Where, Thanks To Her Talent, She Is Noticed By The Great Master Giorgio De Chirico, Who Is Largely Responsible For Her Artistic Formation And Growth. Later On, She Was Encouraged By Renato Guttuso, Franco Gentilini And Ugo Attardi. In 1971, She Exhibited Her Works, Inspired By Japanese Paintings, In Lugano. The Art Historian And Critic Giovanni Testori Introduced Her To The Galleria Cavour In Milan, That Organized Her Solo Exhibition “Le Storie Di Erodiade”.

After Moving To Milan, Tolomeo Began A New Active Artistic Season, Putting To Fruition Her Studies On The Works Of The Old Masters, vittore Carpaccio, Albrecht Dürer And Leonardo. Between 1976 And 1980, The Artist Worked In Various Media, Including Oil, Pencil, Etching And Engraving, And Exhibited In Various Cities Across Europe: Vienna, Geneva, Zurich, Athens. She Created A Series Of Drawings And Etchings Dedicated To Giacomo Casanova, Which Were Accompanied By The Words Of Leonardo Sciascia. Following A Period Of Time Spent In Paraguay, Carla Tolomeo’s Work Found Once Again Its Center In Milan. Besides Producing Her Creative Works, She Taught Engraving At The Fine Arts Academies Of Brera And Venice. In 1995, She Was Invited To Mantova To Exhibit A Series Of “Variazioni”, Based On The Works Of Andrea Mantegna. In 1997, Tolomeo’s Artworks Were On Show At The Leichester’s Galleries In London With The Exhibition “Tribute To Leonardo” And In 1999 At The Contemporary Art Museum In Rijeka And At The Italian Culture Institute In Zagabria. The Artist Exhibited Her “Sedie” For The First Time In 1997, Which Mark A Turning Point In Her Artistic Production, Astonishing Collectors Worldwide With Her Artistic Amusement. As She Wrote Herself In The Presentation Of Her First Catalogue, Her Philosophy Is The Mutation Or Transformation Of An Ordinary Object Into An Artistic One, Beginning With The Simplest Household Item: The Chair.