Born in Modena in 1973, Roberta Diazzi graduated from the A. Venturi Art Institute in 1992 focusing on drawing and graphic design towards advertising. Since 2011, she participated to various fairs in Europe and Asia and exhibited a lot in Italy and in other countries. She won a Leone d’oro in Venice as best emerging artist by the Mazzoleni Foundation in 2017. She also received commissions by important Italian families, which were stuck by the quality of her works, such as the Ferraris, the Montezemolos and Luciano Pavarotti. Her works are part of the collection of the Princess Caroline of Monaco and the Chinese First Lady too.

From the beginning of her career she understands the importance of the act of painting in the visual communication. Her creative oil paintings brushstrokes give to her works a great and expressive impact which becomes her signature. That personal way of painting materializes itself through the textures of her canvases with an amazing effect of a very personal post-modern style. Her art can be linked to the great artists of the international Pop Art movement, such as Warhol for the seriality of his representations and Lichtenstein for the stylistic transformations inspired by the comic books.

Roberta Diazzi starts working with Crystals from SwarowskiΒ® specially made for her artworks, she develops her own expressive code. She creates portraits of popular icons and important stars of the animal reign which are endangered to be forgotten. Lions, jaguars, peacocks and eagles are depicted in three dimensional paintings by the use of colored crystals of different sizes made by the Austrian brand. These works can be understood as mosaics of light giving energy and power to the sparkling figures.

Her shimmering creations are graciously meditative. The hit of the light is necessary to emphasize the preciousness of her work and divulge a deep vitality by the radiant chromatic shine giving a supernatural effect.