Philippe Simille is a French artist born in Paris in 1957. As a self-taught artist, his artworks cannot be linked to any particular movement. His inspirations are altogether naive and traditional. He is a really talented colorist what makes his paintings rich in tone variations, contrasts and harmony.

Simille breaks with his past as an author and composer moving to Savoy and starting to paint. However, the rhythm and the cultural mix in his works are no coincidence: they remind us of the musician he once was in Montmartre where he lived for several years.

His paintings are stories about the kindness and cruelty of everyday life. The different figures (human, animal, monster) and the miscellaneous objects are entertaining and disturbing the viewer at the same time. Widely inspired by the actuality, those open windows on the world are questioning social actuality with a strong and caustic sense of humour, a clear-sight and sometimes harshness with the world’s absurdity.

Amongst many aspects of his works, the density of the subject that contrasts with the harmony of the composition is a marking element. Simille invites the viewer to play his part as a storyteller and to participate in these accurate stories built up with funny stereotypes.

Philippe Simille paints a busy universe made of struggle and cruelty but with a touch of humour and joie de vivre that catch the attention. His dynamic works were exhibited in Paris, Geneva, Athens and Barcelona where he won a First Prize for his paintings in 2004.