Milly Martionou received her bachelor’s degree (hons) in Fine Arts at the University of Hertfordshire in North London (1997-2000). She has proven herself to be prolific even though she started her artistic endeavours later in life. She now works feverishly to make up for the lost time which results in a production of great artpieces in a very short period of time.

Martionou’s work has been characterized as abstract expressionism. As Dr. Stella P. Pieri notes, “Milly has stepped from the dripping technique, known as “action painting”, in her earlier works, to the use of freely formed but precisely located brushstrokes in her latest themes”. A strong influence from the American painters Jackson Pollock and Joan Mitchell is evident, but her work is filled with an optimistic vibrancy that is not as present in their work. Due to the elements used, her paintings can take different forms depending on the light and the viewpoint.

Milly Martionou currently lives and works in Athens.