Born in Milan in 1976, Danilo Martinis currently lives and works in Como. He studied art in Cabiate with the master Osvaldo Minotti. In his work, he reveals considerable technical skill and geometric expressiveness through his particular use of colours reaching the maximum spontaneity of language.

His paintings are a free expression of ideas suggested by the human body. Martinis presents images that become the vision of his graphic-figurative universe, a search for perfection through chromatic effects. His main subject is the female figure placed in a rarefied atmosphere of strong visual impact. Martinis depicts his own feelings through paintings made of very precise lines and meticulous details anchored in a pictorial and plastic substance. Light contrasts, monochromatism and bodies’ contortions create a stunning fixity revealing a desire to communicate and discover the inner life of the figures.

Martinis expresses with his artworks a pure beauty generated in an optical illusion by lonely figures living on their own mysterious world.

His work has been exhibited in Miami, Milan, Florence, Ibiza, Moscow, Capri, Monaco, Dubai and Mumbai.