Born in Athens in 1980, Anna studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts. Her work has been exhibited in many galleries in Greece and abroad. She is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece since 2005. Anna’s artistic practice is primarily based on the repetition of certain motifs in varying colours and sizes. She creates visual images in which the subject matter appears again and again on different layers, thus creating a three dimensional picture on a flat surface. She often chooses to paint a few elements on the background surface and let the rest float and play the game of repetition, perspective and three-dimensionality. By using thick paper, acrylic paint, oil pastels, gold and silver leaf and permanent markers, she skilfully cuts and glues her motifs and creates works that acquire mosaic nature and three dimensional quality.

With a pop aesthetic and a child’s excitement, Anna looks on the happy side of life and features bright colours, funny images and humorous aesthetics in her artistic work. Her subject matters spring from objects, situations and feelings of everyday life as well as the environment that surrounds her and enhances her playful mood, euphoria and positive energy.