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Tommaso Ottieri was born in 1971 and currently works between his hometown Naples and Rome. He first studied architecture at the University Federico II in Naples and then at the Robert Gordon School of Architecture of Aberdeen (UK) where he built a strong academic knowledge. In 1996, he graduated with a thesis on bio-architecture related to the harbor restoration of Naples. The same year, he wins a MIT Leonardo da Vinci’s program study grant and decides to go to the Cicladic Islands in Greece to study the rules of biocompatible art and architecture. Following this experience, he moves to Santorini for two years where he starts to paint.

Far from a cold and mathematic look on architecture, Ottieri pictures a vivid and poetic atmosphere in his artworks. He depicts opulent modern or historical buildings and cityscapes using shades of red, blue and golden yellow. A velvety and glossy appearance is created by a game of light and welcoming colors, which give brightness to his subjects. Reality and conscious illusion are mixed together offering the viewer a reminiscence of a magical dream.

Ottieri achieves simultaneously though the scenes he chooses to paint a physical and emotional relation as well as an aesthetic and spiritual one. His work can be understood as a journey of dreams through beloved and well-known places, memories and a possible future.

In 2003, he has his first two solo shows in Naples and then starts to exhibit internationally in 2010. Throughout his career Tommaso Ottieri wins several prizes and awards and, in 2011, he gets selected to participate at the 54th Venice Biennale.