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Stelios Gavalas was born in Athens in 1966. He studied sculpture at the Athens School of Fine Arts where he specialised in the techniques of casting, ceramics, engraving, woodwork, metalwork and welding under G. Nikolaidis and Th. Papagiannis.

His sculptures are characterized by a look into a different world. His staircases that, most of the time, lead to a city in the clouds offer a gaze into the sky, into a better place. The artistic obsession of a transition to a different place is spread throughout his work, which is represented by places and objects of departure or arrival such as paper boats, moorings or sea-shores.

Gavalas has reached international status throughout the years. He has had a successful collaboration with the Sydney School of Fine Arts in Australia. His work has been exhibited in various galleries, museums and private collections in Greece and abroad and in 2001 he was awarded in the Florence Biennale for his sculptures.

Stelios Gavalas currently resides in Athens and works for the Archeological Receipts Fund of the Greek Ministry of Culture where, since 2006, he holds the position of Art Director. In addition, he produces casts and true replicas from original ancient artefacts and contributes towards the conservation of the Acropolis monuments, in collaboration with the Greek archaeological museums.