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Stefano Bombardieri was born in 1968 in Brescia. He spends a part of his childhood in his father’s studio (himself a sculptor) experimenting the use of artistic techniques and materials which allowed him to acquire an important knowledge.

Bombardieri is exploring an inner search of the concept of aesthetics related to the hyperrealist movement. The creation of his artworks is based on the philosophical approach of pain and time as well as their perception in the Western culture. His work can be understood simultaneously as eclectic, minimal, conceptual and alluding to the arte povera movement. He achieves thisΒ by using a lot of different medias, especially video-installations. He is inspired by great masters such as Boccioni and Balla, the Futurist painters, Henry Moore and the writer Piero Manzoni.

His sculptures look realistic with precise details and a perfect mimesis; animals, heaviness and suspension are important themes for the artist. Rhinos, as well as all other animals or topics of his repertory seem frozen in a synthetic fixity. These large-scale installations have a lifelike appearance that create a surrealist and disturbing effect and constantly question the boundaries between reality and fiction and the frontier between life and imagination.

Bombardieri has taken part in numerous group and solo exhibitions and fairs in Italy and around the world. He was also part of the 52nd and 54th editions of the Biennale of Venice.