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 Angelo Accardi, Misplaced series: Homage to Andrea del Sarto & Leonardo Da Vinci, 2018
Mixed media on panel

Angelo Accardi was born in Sapri, a small town in the south of Italy. His first steps on the artistic scene are strongly characterised by researches on the figura and the pictorial dimension with high symbolism. He shortens his time at the Art Academy of Naples where begins a strong artistic identity crisis that moves him to abstract representations.

His focus becomes the study of man and the space he inhabits illustrating the everyday life in urban landscapes with surreal visions. His works are animated by animals and images of pop culture in a symbolic way. In the early nineties, he sets up his own studio in Sapri while exhibiting in prestigious galleries in Italy and abroad; among them were Rossetti and Pini in Rome, the Manzoni Art Studio of Milan and the Klaus Lea Gallery in Munich.

A milestone in his career was a cycle of works called Human Collection first exhibited in Vancouver. It marked the beginning of a five years collaboration with the Korean gallerist Robert Kwon. In 2001, he associates himself with three important galleries: Verrengia of Salerno, Spazio Arte in Rovereto and Battaglia of Milan and he participates to group exhibitions which offer him a more appealing and stimulating artistic environment. He then meets the florentine gallerist Rolando Giovannini, promoter of a travelling exhibition and exhibits 15 paintings of his cycle Enjoy the Silence in Florence, Innsbruck, Barcelona and Budapest.

Accardi participates at the Galleria Italia with the new avant-garde group Tantarte in Shanghai in 2006. Since then his exhibitions are mainly solo.

In 2011, he is selected by the art historian Marco Vallora for the 54th Venice Biennale. Accardi is now represented by international important galleries, such as Ransom Art Gallery in London, Zenzero Art Gallery in Lugano or Avant Gallery in Miami.