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Mina Papatheodorou Valyraki was born in Athens. In 1980 she graduated with distinction from the Athens School of Fine Arts where she studied under professor G. Moralis. In addition to that, in 1981 she won a scholarship from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for post-graduate studies in the history of art at the University of Florence. Finaly, in 1986 she received her PhD from the University of Florence with a dissertation titled: “Perfezionamento in storia dell’ arte medievale e moderna”.

Valyraki’s artistic career started taking off by the end of the ’90s and more specifically in 1998 when she became official artist for Automobili Lamborghini by her commemorative work of art “La storia della Lamborghini, 35 years anniversary” painting of 18 square meters.

From then on Mina Papatheodorou Valyraki’s artistic reputation has been on the rise as she was named sport artist of the year 2002 and designed the official posters for the 2002 Winter Olympics.

What makes Valyraki’s art so successful is its energy. Whether she depicts a Formula 1 racing car, a crane or trees she is able to capture not only movement but a feeling that is communicated to the viewer. This “closed circuit” of sorts lets energy flow through the artpiece to the art-lover and back, creating an electrified emotional dialogue.

Her works have been exhibited all over the world, from Athens to Laussane and Barcelona to New York and many of them are part of museum collections, private collections and collections of international organizations as well as corporate offices of major car manufacturing companies.

Valyraki lives and works between Athens and Florence.