What is art? This is the question that accompanies the life and work of Marchesini (born in Padua Italy, 1980).

Observing her works, this question becomes as relevant as ever. Her work travels through the History of Art, from Renaissance to the present day, passing (almost always) through “street art”. In Marchesini’s perception, street art is the thread that connects and unites all diverse art trends and currents. The artist is self-identified as s “street artist” and strongly believes that when art is exhibited on the street it acquires a different quality and power to transform the onlookers and passerby into art critics who come in direct contact with the art. In Marchesini’s works Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa adopts contemporary fashion trends and becomes a street artist spray-painting murals of superheroes and famous cartoon characters, Botticelli’s Venus, Picasso, Warhol, Frida Kahlo and other famous iconic persons of the world of art history, culture and fashion. Her work can be seen as a contemporary scenography in which the greatest artists and icons of art history interact with each other in sarcastic ways borrowing cartoonish qualities of image creation and story depiction. Her surreal, yet completely familiar scenarios, are references to pop and street culture. The goal is to stimulate knowledge and allow personal reflection and interpretation of artistic creativity.