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John Caronis is an artist with an inherent, genuine punk rock aesthetic and revolutionary creative sensibilities even though he is classically trained. He studied Fine Art at the Kent Institute of Art & Design in England and subsequently worked and exhibited in London and Berlin.

Throughout his career, John Caronis has transcended the creative norms by developing his own technique. This technique, which is called ‘Layered Markers’, manifests in viscerally evocative pieces that tread a fine line between brutality and childlike innocence. His influences span across a diverse range of masters and one can detect in his oeuvre equal doses of rawness, structure, street spirit, playfulness and a colour palette that evokes both joy and melancholy at the same time.

Having worked for 16 years on a diverse range of surfaces (from canvas to wood and plexiglass), he is exploring structured abstraction, using layers of oil-based markers on crocodile patent leather. This brings ‘The Illusion of Explanatory Depth’ to life, in a series of paintings that evoke esoteric and archetypal imagery in a visually linguistic style that can be best described as primitive graffiti.

Caronis has had several personal exhibitions in London, Berlin, Athens and Mykonos. He is currently based in Athens.