John Bizas was born on the island of Chios, Greece in 1980. From an early age, he was interested in fine arts and soon got involved in sculpture. Bizas uses marble as his principal material. His passion for marble turned his attention towards Italy, where he moved in 2008.

Currently he runs artist’s studios in Pietrasanta (Italy), Chios (Greece) and Washington D.C. (USA). In his work, classic materials meet with contemporary art. The artist is fascinated by the idea of an empty/negative space as part of the work, and he often sculpts marble in such a way that it describes space in gentle elliptical forms. Thus, he let the light of the ambient and the glance of the observer penetrate the form and patterns of his sculptures. He is inspired by problematics and paradoxes from all corners of the world such as environmental disasters, conflicts, animal abuses, etc.

He states: “My art is the language I use to speak about humanity’s dark side. My work is my response to what we have done to the planet; all these cruelties that happen everyday, war, conflicts, invasions in the name of peace or religion, and dreadful environmental disasters. We often ignore the impact of our actions to the planet and humanity. My work invites the viewer to pay attention to what is often overlooked – both the problems we have created and how easy it would be to make a change for the better. The materials I like to use are marble and bronze. The contradiction that exists between these materials, which have long been reflected on Classic Art and the contemporary works that I create (often using unexpected objects) is very fascinating for me.”