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The passion of the Syrian artist Jamal Joratli is focused on the strength and beauty of horses; these magnificent animals that are the central theme of most of his paintings. He manages to capture their noble appearance on canvas; sometimes in a naturalistic, sometimes in an abstract way and some other times in the spirit of ancient models. His magnificent colouring and his delightful decoration reveal that his works stem from the eastern cultural heritage of the artist.

In his paintings one can interpret the transparent shimmery horses, but also the decorative elements as a form of energy, which are depicted on canvas. The pale and almost disembodied shining horse bodies symbolise the past, while the present is shown in the foreground in the form of a strong and distinct horse body. Jamal uses consciously the motive of horse as means of visualisation of his artistic ideas. Now, in this digital era, these beautiful animals are not considered useful for the propagation of ideas. Given the fact that Jamal Joratli captures the eye in such a way, he undoubtedly reminds us of the impressionistic art.

In his paintings we encounter motifs that originate from our immediate reality, such as the ocean, human beings, horses and architecture. Nonetheless, the Syrian artist by no means belongs with the realistic painters who try to critically or naturally reproduce our everyday reality. In Jamal’s art the visible becomes the skin of the unseen. That primal force that suffuses anything alive, that keeps everything living, that pulsates as an invisible force. Jamal senses this power in the world’s phenomena which he conveys into pure energetic colour.