“Humanity’s Direction” by John Bizas

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“Humanity’s Direction”       by John Bizas

“Humanity’s Direction” by John Bizas

Artion hosts “Humanity’s Direction”, John Bizas’s new artwork. Bizas reflects on humanity’s environmental behaviour, destruction of our eco-system and the big question of where we are headed as a species in relation to all the other ones of our planet.

His image strikes fear in the hearts of all living things; his appetite is insatiable; his power immense. Surprisingly, this description would fit perfectly to two creatures that, at first glance, have nothing in common; those two creatures are shark and man.

Throughout history, shark has been used as a symbol of capitalism and of the man’s bad aspects. Yet, sharks consume to live, while humans destroy to consume; sharks are not outside the circle of life, but mankind has placed itself out of this circle a long time ago.

Raised in the age of free information, younger generations grow up with a much stronger sense of responsibility for the planet they will someday inherit and with a greater sense of urgency on environmental matters than former generations did.

Shark is one of the innumerable creatures affected by climate change. This mighty predator may meet its doom along with many other species as a consequence of human activity.

Artion, promotes a synergy between art and education strongly believing that the two are interconnected. Therefore, using as a point of departure this symbolically rich art piece by John Bizas, we extend an open invitation to art lovers to come by our galleries for a conversation on art and its ability to raise awareness and educate on such important issues as climate change.

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