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Born in Ahens, Greece, Danae Megreli studied painting, sculpture, video art and art teaching under professors T. Patraskidis, G. Lapas and M. Santorineos, at the Athens School of Fine Arts. She also received a scholarship and studied film direction and scenography.

Through her work, Megreli showcases a variety of themes. Many of her paintings have a playfull quality and exhibit a youthful playfulness, usually inspired by summer scenes. Her canvases are filled with bright colours that create a sense of warmth and the scenes she depicts evoke escapistic feelings. Other paintings showcase her deep concern and sensitivity about environmental issues and especially the preservation of endangered species. She has created an entire series of immense power with animal portraits which marks an effort to raise awareness about the negative impact humans have on the planet.

In addition to many solo exhibitions, Danae Megreli has taken part in several art shows in Athens, London and Paris. She now spends her time between Greece and France.