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Apostolos Chantzaras was born in 1977 in Agrinio, Greece. Early on in his childhood, he studied and worked in a Byzantine painting atelier next to his father, Eleftherios Chantzaras. After that, he went on to study painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts under Professor Ch. Botsoglou. In addition, he studied fresco and photography at the Athens School of Fine Arts. He was nominated for the IKY scholarship in 2000-2003 and in 2004-2005 he studied at the University of Paris 8 in Paris.

Throughout the years, Apostolos Chantzaras developed his own visual style of bold lines, forms and saturated colors. He drew influence from the Greek folk shadow play, ancient Greek sculptures and Byzantine iconography. A wide array of symbols related to Greece “ the sun and the islands, the sea and her aquatic fauna, the cross”;  all come together and create a unique, artistic amalgam, empowered by strong colors and intense movement. Yet the outcome is far from verbose because Chantzaras succeeds in transforming it and making it something of his own.

In 2008, Chantzaras was commissioned by the Hellenic Post (ELTA) to paint the special stamp series Greek Traditional Products. In 2011, he designed the cover for the novel Glass Industry by Menis Koumantareas (published by Vima newspaper and later by Patakis publications), the cover for the novel œImaginary Adventure by Alexandros Kotzias (published by Kedros publishing company)and in 2013 he did the one of Olga or nothing by Lito Pitiris (published by Kedros publishing company).

Above all, Chantzaras has participated in several personal and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad and his paintings are part of private collections. He currently lives and works in Athens.