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Anna Dimitriou was born in Athens in 1972. She studied film direction in the Hellenic Cinema and Television School Stavrakos. She then went on to work in various television productions as well as expanding her studies in theatre direction and journalism. Dimitriou is self-taught in the art of collage. She first started practising collage-making, and more specifically digital collage, in 2006, participating in many group and solo exhibitions in Athens.

Anna Dimitriou has been seriously engaged with street art – especially murals – for the past three years, garnering much acclaim and achieving recognision in the process. She creates on public spaces and she has been most known for her works in abandoned building of historic significancce that she decorates with murals of the likes of Frida Kahlo, greek performer Jimis Panousis and many others. Dimitriou has stated that she gets inspired mostly by the old world, particularly the first decades of the 20th century so she retains a constant dialogue with the past.

Her most ambitious street-art project as of yet is the “Xenia Hotels” initiative. The Xenia Hotels were state owned vacation facilities meant for the general public. Sometime in the 80s the state funded program was abandoned and the facilities left to their own devices. Through that project Dimitriou has set the goal of reviving the greek summers of her youth by decorating these abandoned hotel buildings that are scattered all around Greece. This way she protests against the abandonment of our past.

Dimitriou’s art is playful, combining collages of vintage photos with oil painting techinques that are full of colour. She mostly depicts women figures of the past while giving them a modern makeover. The end result is an update of the old to the contemporary. Dimitriou’s imaginative art is truly a crossroad of times past and times present…