Alessandro Sannino was born September 6, 1987 in Naples. In adolescence already shows a strong attitude towards drawing and painting. He attended the Art Institute where he graduated with excellent results, but he learned many painting techniques apprenticed to Master Antonio Sannino.

In a short time became a landscape painter of talent, participated in several group exhibitions including:

– “One hundred meters to the children” with the “Cultural Association Naples Nostra” and the collection of the sale of the paintings was then donated to charity (June 2005);

– “Marvels and mysteries of the streets of Naples”, won the first prize (February 2006);

– Personal exhibition in gallery “Franco Senesi Fine art” (July 2011 – August 2011); – Collective exhibition “Masters of the dream” in the Gallery “Art Paestum” by Francesco Cairone (July 2012 – August 2012).

-Personal Exhibition “PASSION … hyperrealism” June 2013

Ascoli Piceno – Cloister of San Francesco in the Hall “Cola dell’Amatrice”

-Personal Exhibition “Cromatic Iperrealism” Kòine “Arte e comunicazione” Gallery Napoli 2018

-Personal Exhibition “El claustre Galeria d’Art” Girona (Spain) 2019

Tendentially towards hyper-realism, managing to evoke in every picture sharpness of a photographic image with extraordinary results.

And ‘the transposition of real objects through the magic of painting that everything sublime and fascinating.