Alekos Fassianos was born in Athens in 1935. He graduated from the Athens Academy of Fine Arts, then in 1960 moved to Paris to study lithography at the Paris National School of Arts, where he met with the remarkable artists and writers of those times. Alekos Fassianos used to design the stage decorations for major classic and modern productions, seeking out its own unique artistic forms at the same time.

His art works are being exhibited in the best world museums and can only be found in private collections of admirers of his talent. Fassianos’ art has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the world, particularly in Athens, Paris and throughout Europe, as well as in Tokyo, New York, Sao Paulo and Melbourne.

In addition to private collections, his art works can be found in the following museums in France: the Paris Museum of Modern Art; the MOEGT Foundation, San Paul de Vence; Centre for Contemporary Art POMPIDOU BEAUBOURG, Paris. The artist presently lives and works in Greece, in Athens, but always refers to France as his second home.