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Born in Batman in 1966, Ahmet Güneştekin lives in Istanbul since 1991. He is a Kurdish visual artist whose works extend to painting, conceptual art and sculpture. Art is a passion which has guided him since childhood and after exploring different styles, he moves from figurative representations to narrative abstraction and finds his artistic maturity.

Often hard to describe, the unity of his works consists in fragmented images and multi-layered references that create an intriguing and highly personal style. It can be understood as a vernacular art inspired by the memory of patterns used for carpets, lamps and Ottoman copper works in which geometry is the leading force. However, his art cannot be linked to any particular academic backgrounds. He is creating artworks with his own forms using subjects inspired by the eastern tradition. Ertugrul Oskok defines him as an artist who has the ability to “challenge the established canon”.

His recurrent theme is the sun which combines legendary, mythological and astral references but he also references religions. He incorporates hints to Hebrew, Orthodox, Christian and Islamic religions as well as ethnic minorities. He highly considers the time that goes by and the History of humanity. His artworks are about the relationship between human beings and divinities, the conflicts between god and evil, the war and the peace, themes that have never ceased to build History and relationships between people.

Güneştekin‘s works can be understood as a humanistic manifesto standing up for cultural identity and diversity. He is displaying a truly universal concept inspired by History and tradition.