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Achilleas Christidis was born in Piraeus in 1959. He studied music and stage design and therefore he is self-taught in the art of painting. He started painting seriously in 1987 and hasn’t stopped ever since. Upon close inspection of his oeuvre one can distinguish certain periods and the maturing of the artists until he reached his very own and unique style and aesthetic. At the same time his art seems to be a live dialogue between these periods as one can see a clear back and forth movement between new and old styles and aesthetics.

Christides’ later paintings are mostly landscape paintings that are the pinacle of his craft. Mostly inspired by the beauty of the island of Santorini these paintings are but a tour of the sheer beaty and simplicity of the aegean landscape. Christides manages to depict that through an almost surrealistic approach that feels absolutely fitting to the subject matters.

Achilleas Christidis’ paintings have been featured in many group as well as in solo exhibitions in Greece, Cyprus and around Europe. In addition to that he has illustrated many book covers for major Greek publishing houses.

He lives and works in Athens.